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Startup of the Week: Print Command

image Print Command addresses organizational intelligence, operations and security vulnerabilities stemming from enterprise print environments. They securely process huge amounts of unmanaged or unattended data; sort, define, and decipher it; then present it as immediately actionable information. This defense-in-depth technique keeps client content safe, costs low, employees happy and enterprises mission-capable.

Print Command understands that printers and print networks aren’t sexy. They’re not exciting. They’re easy to ignore—which makes them irresistible for hackers. While printers play a key role in an organization’s information flow, they also represent a critical area of vulnerability in the enterprise security posture. The bad guys aren’t ignoring your print environment. Neither are we. To that end, Print Command’s unique 6 component solution suite, Print Command Olympus™, is specifically designed to thwart the most nefarious print environment hacker exploits: 1. use for network reconnaissance, 2. use as a network breach point/attack vector, and 3. hardcopy loss.

An engagement with Print Command entails three phases. First, they help you define your threat horizon. Next, they help you develop viable courses of action to address those threats. Finally, they help you act decisively to minimize your threat exposure. Unlike other solutions that are antiquated in an age of cyber threats, with Print Command you don’t just manage your print environment…you command it.

Key Facts:

  • Founder: Dave Westlake
  • Year founded: 2010
  • Number of employees: Less than 10 (plus contractors)
  • HQ: Hartland, WI
  • Funding: Mix of angel and bootstrap
  • Website: