global design challenge

GE Healthcare Global Design Challenge

We’re looking for new ideas from new people to help us build them! 

Wanted:  Fresh, Milwaukee area communications and creative agencies with the talent to help us build and deliver powerful messages for our global brand. Interest in underground initiatives, where ideas are in early proof of concept phases, is a must.   

We will pitch to YOU! 

We are experimenting with a new way to develop relationships with innovative, creative firms. We want you to get to know us and for us get to know you in an open format. We will immerse you briefly in our work and methods, reflect on your observations, and lay out the details of our impending projects. 

May 23 (If you have what it takes, you’ll make it in. For now, hold the date)


GEHC Global Design Studio, Waukesha, WI 

1. Send us a brief description of your firm with contact information. 

2. Link to some of your work
3. Email us the name(s), including a 1 line description, for 1-2 people from your firm that would attend the session in May. 
4. In a few words answer the question, what is your firm’s self-described style and why is it unique? 

Do this by May 10. Mail to Subject: GD Challenge

We will review your interest and select several firms to participate in this first session. Notifications will be made by May 15.

Who is Global Design?
Global Design is a comprehensive, cross-functional design organization within GE Healthcare spread across 6 world class studios in 5 countries.  Our core mission is our responsibility to create breakthrough innovations for GE across all phases of patient care while driving design & design culture across the corporation.  We believe in gaining insights and empathy through cross-industry fertilization and experiences, and as such we actively seek to engage non-healthcare GE businesses to incubate new ideas and connections.