Startup of the Week: Pointfall

image Pointfall was merely a joke in its infancy. In fact, the idea was a joke in the first place. The group deal/daily deal market has been duplicated many times over. Unfortunately, this market has been causing problems for businesses that use this specific type of marketing platform. The term “loss leader” has been thrown around, but those who have used the platform would actually be happy if a “loss lead” were even achieved. Through a downfall of sub par valuations, major players in the market continue to squirm and squeal with only the option to either invest more resources or chop heads. In many cases, both end points were reached.

After humoring themselves with the faults in the group deal industry, Pointfall Founder & CEO, Sean Tepper, suggested that the market should simply provide 100% revenue to businesses while charging a flat monthly fee for usage. The concept would have remained a joke, but Founder & COO, Nic DiStasio, commented on its brilliance and decided to do his homework on the industry. To their surprise, he found over 30 entities with the same profit sharing model which generated the same lackluster results for businesses.

At this time, Pointfall implemented a survey to the local market asking how much businesses would pay per month if they could keep 100% of the revenue from all group deal sales. The masses voted on a number, and Pointfall used that number to define their pricing structure.

In April of 2013, Pointfall became a legitimate business. They then made the decision to close down their existing marketing and advertising businesses in order to drive forward 100% with Pointfall.

“There is no better time to act then right now.”

  • Consumers: Save More by Using Points!
  • Businesses: Keep 100% of the Profits
  • Sales Representatives: Earn High Commissions

Key Facts:

  • Founders:Sean Tepper (CEO) Nic DiStasio (COO)
Founded: April 2013
Employees: Less than 10
Funding: Self funded by the revenues generated through our marketing and advertising service based businesses. No investors and no loans required.
  • HQ Location:Hudson Business Lounge, 310 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
  • Website:

Startup Milwaukeean of the Week: Scott Schmidt

scotts At what point did you become interested in entrepreneurship?

In late 2010, I started to understand and appreciate Entrepreneurship. Cover5 dates back to 2001, when I created Cover5 but never thought about actually forming a business around it. It was meant for friends and family to stay connected and enjoy a fun game. I was running my Cover5 game on Microsoft Excel and through email blasts which provided a nice group of friends and family playing Cover5 and having a unique experience around sports. With the advancements in high-speed internet, the overall Fantasy Sports industry started to boom so I thought if the little group of people that are playing Cover5 now are this passionate, this is a game that millions more could enjoy.

What has been the biggest difficulty you’ve faced as an entrepreneur?

The largest difficulty I’ve faced has been that our game to date has been primarily a seasonal game focused on football. In a world that changes so quickly, it’s hard to build momentum when you’re not in front of people 24/7/365. Moving forward, we’re putting a big focus on creating additional games and offerings around other sports that can be played throughout the year.

What makes Milwaukee a unique place to start a company?

I think there is a growing group of business leaders in this town that are looking to help put Milwaukee on the map with regards to tech innovation. In my opinion, people from Milwaukee and Wisconsin are very loyal and supportive; if you have the top business leaders coaching, supporting and cultivating new leaders in this town, it’s good for the community as a whole. 

What piece of advice do you have for new startup companies?

Be yourself. I’ve found that people appreciate honesty and sincerity — whether it’s investors, partners or customers. Never get too high or low. You’re the leader of your company and need to be steady through the highs and lows of the business cycle.

What is the biggest challenge Cover5 faces?

I read an article that recapped fantasy sports players behavior specifically related to their behavior on mobile vs. computer. Despite over 70% of people’s online activity being conducted via mobile, the fantasy sports players still prefers their interaction done via the computer. Since we cater to both the fantasy and casual fan, we’ve taken that data and are prioritizing our builds based on how critical each need is for each demographic. Where other companies may have the luxury of focusing on one platform or the other based on their customers’ behavior, Cover5 relishes the challenge to build a great experience on both fronts.

Quick Facts:

Title: Founder of Cover5, Inc. Cover5 HQ: New Berlin, WI Contact Scott: LinkedIn Profile