Spreel, a Milwaukee Based Startup, is taking on Groupon & Yelp by Helping Small Businesses Attract & Retain Loyal Customers

Spreel’s mission is to build a community of small businesses that want to attract, retain and reward loyal customers. Businesses that sign up for Spreel are given a platform and tools needed to create promotions and deals for their customers, and are only charged a small transaction fee for completed transactions.  Spreel is a no-pressure and no-risk platform.  This means there are no monthly fees, no sign up fees, no minimums, and no contracts! Boris Levchets, Spreel’s Founder & CEO, explains Spreel is built on the premise that “business grow and benefit from loyal customers because of repeat business and referrals; however, business just don’t have great tools to entice their customers to shop often and share”.

Spreel is currently accepting new businesses.  Early adaptors stand to benefit from many different perks such as additional keyword promotions and early adaptor recognition. Any business interested in growing sales and increasing customer loyalty will benefit from Spreel.

Spreel is headquartered in Milwaukee, where the company plans to develop its operations.

Visit Spreel at www.spreel.com

Businesses can sign up for free at www.spreel.com/business/registrations/user_credentials

View recent articles at blog.spreel.com

Connect with Spreel on Twitter @spreel

Inquiries or additional questions can be directed to service@spreel.com