Reverse Pitch MKE brought entrepreneurs, hackers, and other creative minds together during Startup Milwaukee Week. At this event, Northwestern Mutual pitched to entrepreneurs, outlining potential business challenges and big ideas Northwestern Mutual is looking to explore and solve. Teams that accepted the challenge can earn:

  • A seed investment of up to $85,000

  • Access to corporate mentors and networks

  • Working space in the new Cream City Labs at Northwestern Mutual’s downtown Milwaukee headquarters

Even better, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to do what they love most—work on groundbreaking solutions that could disrupt the industry and drive innovation in the Milwaukee community. 


At Reverse Pitch MKE on November 6, 2018 innovation leaders from Northwestern Mutual will share detailed information to teams interested in pitching Northwestern Mutual for funding. A high-level overview of the challenge statements that will be presented at Reverse Pitch MKE follow:

Securing Payments 

Northwestern Mutual is seeking an automated and secure way to conduct high volume, high dollar, business to business financial transactions (i.e. wire transfers).  The current process requires manual effort to mitigate the risk of fraud or error.

Evaluating Inclusion 

Northwestern Mutual is seeking a way to determine the impact of efforts to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive work environment.  Traditional practices to measure diversity and inclusion are currently limited to head count and surveys, rather than incorporating sentiment and language found within a company’s digital content (i.e. media, videos, training language).

Streamlining Medical Record Review 

Northwestern Mutual is seeking a way to reduce the amount of human review required to analyze PDF medical records in underwriting an insurance policy or evaluating a claim. Current challenges include redundant data, records out of sequence, and lack of association between related topics.


  • Talented entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and marketers and business development professionals looking to build a high-growth, scalable technology startup in Southeast Wisconsin.

  • Existing startups with potential solutions to the challenges faced by Northwestern Mutual. 


  • October 1 – Registration to attend Reverse Pitch MKE opens (on this page)

  • November 4 – Registration deadline to attend Reverse Pitch MKE at Northwestern Mutual Tower & Commons

  • November 6 – Reverse Pitch MKE @ Northwestern Mutual Tower & Commons

  • December 16 – Deadline for teams to apply to Pitch Back to Northwestern Mutual's team

  • March 18 – Pitch Back Day @ Northwestern Mutual


Entrepreneurs who are selected by Northwestern Mutual to build startups will be eligible for the following benefits: 

  • Up to $85,000 in seed investment from Cream City Venture Capital

  • Free space in Northwestern Mutual's Downtown Milwaukee Headquarters for up to one year.

  • Mentorship from Northwestern Mutual executives and Startup Milwaukee's extensive network. 

  • Access to Northwestern Mutual's industry and domain knowledge.

  • Opportunity to pitch at Startup Milwaukee's investor pitch event(s). 

  • Opportunity for follow-on investment from Cream City Venture Capital.


Reverse Pitch MKE participants are subject to these Terms & Conditions.