Reverse Pitch MKE will bring entrepreneurs, hackers, and other creative minds together during Milwaukee Startup Week. At this event, Northwestern Mutual will pitch to entrepreneurs, outlining potential business challenges and big ideas Northwestern Mutual is looking to explore and solve. Teams that accept the challenge can earn a seed investment of up to $85,000, access to corporate mentors and networks, and working space at Northwestern Mutual’s downtown Milwaukee headquarters. Even better, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to do what they love most—work on groundbreaking solutions that could disrupt the industry and drive innovation in the Milwaukee community. 

The Ideas

At the Reverse Pitch MKE on November 6th, 2017 innovation leaders from Northwestern Mutual will share detailed information to teams interested in pitching Northwestern Mutual for funding. Here is a high-level overview of the problem statements that will be presented at Reverse Pitch MKE:

  • Legal Automation - Northwestern Mutual is seeking a way to automate the procurement contract process by disaggregating key components and virtually red-lining language of concern in contracts –an efficiency win for any corporate law department and procurement professional.
  • Referral Friction - Northwestern Mutual is seeking a creative solution to overcome the friction its financial representatives encounter in acquiring referrals and new leads.
  • Compliant Communication in the Digital World - Northwestern Mutual is seeking a way to allow clients to reach their advisor using their preferred digital communication method while remaining compliant.
  • Salesperson Market Potential - Northwestern Mutual is seeking an automated way to identify prospects based on a financial representative’s publicly available social media contacts.
  • Real-time Spending Capture - Northwestern Mutual is seeking software to act as a platform linking several cards a customer already uses to capture real-time transactions and offer the ability to automate future credit card actions through the platform based on business logic.

Who should participate? 

  • Talented entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and marketers and business development professionals looking to build a high-growth, scalable technology startup in Southeast Wisconsin.
  • Existing startups with potential solutions to the problems faced by Northwestern Mutual. 

Program Timeline

  • November 6th - Reverse Pitch MKE @ Northwestern Mutual Tower & Commons
  • December 10th - Deadline for Teams to Apply to Pitch Back to Northwestern Mutual's Team
  • January 8th, 2018 - Startup Pitch Day @ Northwestern Mutual

Support from Northwestern Mutual

Entrepreneurs who are selected by Northwestern Mutual to build startups will be eligible for the following benefits: 

  • Up to $85,000 in seed investment from Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures. 
  • Free space in Northwestern Mutual's Downtown Milwaukee Headquarters for up to one year.
  • Mentorship from Northwestern Mutual executives and Startup Milwaukee's extensive network. 
  • Access to Northwestern Mutual's industry and domain knowledge.
  • Opportunity to pitch at Startup Milwaukee's investor pitch event(s). 
  • Opportunity for follow-on investment from Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures

Pitch back to northwestern Mutual

After a successful kick-off event on November 6th we would like to invite you to pitch your venture to Northwestern Mutual by our deadline of December 10th. The link to apply is below! Before putting together an application, please review these documents that will help you put together a strong pitch for the Northwestern Mutual team. 

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